WBRx Aerosolized CBD Isolate


WBRx Aerosolized CBD Isolate Discover the most bioavailable, fast-acting CBD with the WBRx Aerosolized CBD Isolate. Taking advantage of the powerful bioavailability of inhalation, this is the optimal delivery method for achieving precise, measured doses of CBD daily. This convenient, portable inhaler contains 97.7% pure CBD isolate and is free of things like soil contaminants, tars, waxes, or other potentially toxic ingredients. Available in 5mg actuations, the WBRx Aerosolized CBD Isolate is the best way to always have the exact dose of CBD you need on hand. Ingredients: Medical-Grade HFA134, Medical-Grade Ethanol, CBD (derived from hemp) +Kosher +Non-GMO +Vegan +All Natural +All Organic